Name: Sundog
Species: Corgi D6
Career: Paladin D6

Habitat: Plains Senses: Listen, Smell Diet: Omnivore Weapons: Claws, Teeth Cycle Day
Age: 24 Height: 5’10" Weight: 220 Eyes: Blue Pelt: Brown/white

Personal Motto: “It’s Darkest Before Dawn”


  1. Go on a real Adventure
  2. Help someone out of danger
  3. Inspire someone
Body: D8 Speed: D6 Mind: D6 Will: D8


Favorite use Marks Skill Mark die Species die Career die
Academics D6
2 Brawling D6
1 Dodge D4
1 Endurance D4 D6
2 Jumping D6
2 Leadership D6
Protect Others 1 Melee Combat D4 D6
2 Negotiation D6
2 Observation D6
Searching D6
Supernatural D6
Tactics D6


Personality Hopeful Refresh: Respite
Language Calabrese Refresh: none
Species Keen Ears Refresh
Species Keen Nose Refresh
Species Tracking Refresh
Career Cleric’s Trappings (Right Hand) Refresh
Career Literacy Refresh
Career White magic Refresh
Free Toughness Refresh
Free Die Hard Refresh
Free Increase Trait (Speed) Refresh


Initiative: D6, D6

Stride: 1 Dash: 4 Sprint: D6 Run: 18


Calendar Sword D8, D6, D4 vs. Def. Damage +2, Crit.
Dagger D8, D6, D4 Damage +1


Speed & Dodge Dice D6, D4 Dodge
Wooden Shield D8 Cover
leather Armor D6 Armor
Total exp : 5 Spent exp :

Sundog always knew what he valued in life. Freedom, happiness and the feeling that the world he lived in was a magical and wonderful place that was full of possibilities. To Sun, oppression, violence, poverty, plague and anything that can crush someones spirit are the most horrible things he can imagine. He knows what his fellow furs are capable of as long as the believe in themselves.

He decided to become a paladin when he saw the way they could inspire others. The paladin is a symbol of fortitude, bravery and purity. Even in the darkest night, the paladin stands as a light to guide those who would still press on. However, Sundog disagreed with the religious zealotry that he saw from some paladins, believing that they were creating the same types of oppression that they fought against. For this reason, he is a paladin of the Wiccan faith. He worships his world and all who call it home; and would love nothing more that to see them grow under his protection. From the meanest bandit to the most innocent child, Sun will do anything he can to lift someone up.

In battle, Sundog has decided to be a mountain (or a hill if you like corgi jokes). His patience in teaching and helping others who approach him in peace is the same he gives to those who come to him in war. He prefers not to kill anyone and would much rather persuade them to be his friend. However, if his friends decide that someone is a threat, he can only warn them so many times before they are set on fire and thrown off a cliff. Pity really… he tried to tell them.


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